Frau Blücher Audio

The Songwriter Kit v2.0

15 USD
A natural sounding drumkit for Kontakt that will fit many genres of music very well, from organic singer/songwriter to heavy rock and everything in between. Recently updated to version 2.0 that introduces lots of new features and a totally new interface!

The kit
* 22x18" Kick Drum
* 14x6,5" Snare Drum
* 12" Tom (Normal and muffled)
* 16" Floor Tom (Normal and muffled)
* 15" Hihat
* 18" Crash cymbal
* 20" Crash Ride cymbal
* 20" Ride cymbal

Recorded with high-end microphones and preamps in a medium sized room.

Requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

File size appr. 500 MB. A minimum of 1 GB free storage space is required to unpack the library.